Jason is an established entertainment and specialist presenter of live and recorded television in the genres of entertainment, news journalism, paranormal and documentary, having worked for terrestrial and digital channels including BBC Jam, ITV1 and 2, Channel 4, Virgin 1, Living, Discovery, QVC and UKTV.

Jason is the author of 8 books in a variety of genres including history, paranormal and witchcraft, and contributing writer of a further 5 books.  His titles have sold over 50,000 copies in international territories including Europe, America and Canada.  Since 2010 Jason has been Editor of Scareworld Magazine – Europe’s only scare entertainment publication.  As a feature writer, Jason has written for ‘Chat – It’s Fate’, ‘Haunted’, ‘Prediction’ and ‘Horns’ magazines.

Jason first appeared on the iconic award-winning Anglia Television show ‘Knightmare’, quickly followed by subsequent appearances on ‘The Satellite Game’ for British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB), and Disney Pictures’ Three Men & a Little Lady’.  These early television and film appearances paved the way for Jason’s career in the entertainment industry.

After studying theatre, photography and film & television, he gained his Equity card travelling the country performing in a variety of theatre productions.  Jason’s first television presenting role was for Discovery, fronting an episode of the UK’s first ghost hunting show ‘Ghost Hunters’.

Perhaps best known for co-presenting the first season of Living’s paranormal reality series ‘Most Haunted’ and ‘Most Haunted Unseen’, which have been syndicated to worldwide audiences in over 90 international territories, Jason left after season 1 to present ‘Haunted Halloween Live’ for ITV1 and 2 – the UK’s first ever live terrestrial ghost hunting show.  Later Jason presented ‘Ghost Quest’ for TeleObjectif in Belgium and presented the UK segment of ABC’s controversial séance show ‘Diana – Spirit of a Princess’ live on American television, which was broadcast live to over 30 million viewers.

As a TV Ghost Hunter, Jason has appeared on ITV’s ‘Strange but True Encounters’, LIVE TV’s ‘The Why Files’, Meridian TV’s ‘The Magic & Mystery Show’, Channel 4’s ‘For the Love Of…’, ITV2’s ‘Gatecrashers’, UK Horizon’s ‘Paranormal Files’, Tenfold Productions ‘Tineke en de Paranormale Wereld (Holland), Channel 4’s ‘The Fucking Fulfords’, ‘Schlossgeister Mondan!’ (Germany), Blue Book Films’ ‘After’, Upside TV’s ‘Exccentriiiks’ (France) and most recently in several episodes of Yesterday Channel’s ‘Great British Ghosts’.

Jason is a regular public speaker on subjects such as witchcraft and the paranormal, having founded ‘The Ghost Research Foundation’ in 1992, of which he was president for 10 years.  He gives talks at special events and private parties.

As an entertainment Presenter Jason presented BBC Jam’s ‘The Makeover Show’, a series of his own chat show ‘The Circle TV’ for Questico (Germany), Pure TV’s ghost hunting gameshow ‘Spectre Inspectors’ (pilot), and entertainment format ‘Haunted Homes’ (pilot).  He has hosted thousands of hours of live television on various shopping channels including ‘QVC’, ‘Pricecrash TV’ and ‘Gemtique’ as well as the live gameshow channel ‘Jackpot TV’.  In 2009 he appeared as the resident Designer on Virgin 1’s ‘Duncan Bannatyne’s Seaside Rescue’.  Jason also presented series of ‘Jason Karl’s High Spirits’ for Pure Productions and ‘Ghost Team’ for Galaxi TV, both ‘direct-to-DVD’ documentary investigation programmes.  He has also made guest appearances on Channel 4’ ‘Rise’, ‘Sunday Brunch’ and BBC1’s ‘Countryfile’.

Since 2011 Jason has presented over 150 episodes of IPTV light entertainment programmes ‘FIPtv’ and later ‘OMG! TV’.  He was the first presenter on ‘Scare-E TV’ – an online news channel, and presenter of ‘Gov TV’ – a nationwide direct TV channel broadcasting government backed community services.  In 2012 Jason presented ‘The Sunday Asylum with Jason Karl’, an irreverent chat show on ‘Monster Radio’ for 8 months.  Since September 2015 Jason has been the anchor live news presenter of ‘Lancashire Headline News’, broadcasting live 7 days a week on Freeview Channel 7, the channel reaches a regional audience of up to 780,000 viewers.

As an actor Jason has performed in a variety of theatrical productions including ‘Alladin’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’ alongside various live entertainment productions for The Tussauds Group (Theme Parks).  Between 2011 and 2013 he spent three seasons as the lead role in Carnesky Productions’ ‘Carnesky’s Ghost Train’, directed by Olivier award-winning theatre maker Marisa Carnesky and later played ‘The Devil’ in ‘Carnesky’s Tarot Drome’ at The Old Vic Tunnels in London, and subsequently at the summer festival ‘Latitude’.  He also appeared in music videos for Professor Green’s ‘Monster’ and Rasp Thorne & The Briars ‘Operator Taunt’.

Jason is also a pioneering scare entertainment producer and Creative Director of Europe’s biggest scare entertainment production company AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, with whom he has produced and directed over 150 scare attractions and productions for clients including Walt Disney Pictures, Merlin Entertainments, Universal Pictures, Mars, Hellenic Entertainment Parks (Greece), LBTE Entertainment (Portugal), Funtasia Theme Parks (Ireland) and celebrity business guru Duncan Bannatyne.  He is currently Creative Director of three seasonal theme parks – Scare Kingdom Scream Park in Lancashire, Screamland in Kent and The Halloween Adventure in Yorkshire.

Jason is currently writing his next book ‘Unfamiliar Spirits’, to be published by Troy Books.  He lives in a haunted Georgian country house in rural Lancashire, and divides his time between the North West of the UK and London.  He collects fine artworks by Disney, dabbles in Bonsai, and is a charity Trustee of ‘The Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft’.

Jason Karl